The Beitzel Review

est. 2017


About The Beitzel Review

The Beitzel Review is an avenue for sports writing that hopes to build on the legacy of one Harry Beitzel.  Beitzel was a sporting innovator, who went against the grain and was innovative and revolutionary in many different facets of the sporting world.

Harry Beitzel was first known for being a VFL umpire, but it was his role in the media in which he became most prominent.  His radio roles involved ground-breaking heavy use of statistics and he published the first written statistics in his Footy Week magazine starting in 1965.  In this period of time, he also created and promoted the concept of International Rules Football, sponsoring the first Australian tour of Ireland.  In his later life, he became a supporter of Australian Football’s push into the northern states.

Beitzel was a significant figure in the collection and use of football statistics, and was progressive in ideas and development for sport general.  These viewpoints have inspired the creation of The Beitzel Review, where the writing is both inspired by and attempts to continue Beitzel’s view and action upon the sporting world.

Editor and Author – Nick Welch

Author – Jamie Bruckner

Author – William Halberstram